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Yellow Sweet Clover

Melilotus officinalis

Sweet Yellow Clover is not a true clover; more closely related to Lucerne. 
Leaflets are serrated around their entire margin. It can grow up to 2m and is biennial.

  • Used in forage, cover cropping, conservation, and honey making.

  • Persists in pastures and tolerates adverse conditions 

  • Very drought-tolerant of forage legumes. 

  • Is winter-hardy in temperate climates with mild summers; it can survive and thrive through a second year of production. 

  • Grows where lucerne, red clover and white clover struggle, for example on clay pan or sandy soils. 

  • Tolerates low fertility and wet conditions. 

  • Prefers non-acid soil (pH above 6.0).