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Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser.

Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser is manufactured by the enzymatic hydrolysis of fish offal, blended with humate and seaweed. Designed to provide a high quality, cost-effective fertiliser

Enhancing your soil with Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser

Hydrolysed Fish Fertiliser biologically active soils have the ability to retain moisture and release nutrients ensuring greater production, faster rotation and more rapid recovery from stress. To build a healthy biological soil we need products that can feed living organisms.

Increasing public awareness of the environmental impact of using chemical-based fertiliser has created a demand for a safe, natural and environmentally friendly fertiliser. Biological fertilisers increase nutrient availability and feed important soil organisms, such as earthworms and microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) – all essential for plant and soil health.

Soil health and soil fertility requires much more than NPK fertiliser. Without the right biology, plants and animals cannot reach their full potential. Biology is essential for the recycling of nutrients and the fixing of atmospheric nitrogen.

Nutrients form the Sea.

Healthier Solid, Healthier Plants & Healthier Animals

  • Unique enzymatic production process

  • Soil biology-enhancing compounds

  • A complete range of major and trace minerals

  • Improves plant productivity and condition

  • Improves the health of animals

  • Non-toxic. Nil withholding period

  • Bio Gro certified input for organic production