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What’s missing from your soil food web?

Have the biology in your soils tested

Assessments of paddock soil, horticultural soil, garden soil, compost, and compost tea and compost extract, biological amendments samples.

Bacterial Onmivore

Micro Arthopod

Stalk Cilate

We do a Complete Soil Food Web Assessment includes:

Quantification of all of the following organism groups: actinobacteria, total bacteria, total fungi, oomycetes (disease-causing fungi), protozoa, and nematodes.

Nematode shedding its skin

Spores Trianglar

Testate Amoebe out

Soil Advisory

We Help you...

Soil biology can seem confusing. We can help you understand soil biology and how you can make the best use of the soil biology you already have.

We can help you understand your current soil biology status.

We can help you improve your soil biology status.

We can help you reduce your reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

We can help you reduce nutrient leaching.

We can help you sequence carbon into your soils.

We can help with pasture management.

We can recommend species and pasture mixes.

We can help you reduce farm expenditure.

We can run workshops on microscopy (use of a microscope).

We can speak at field days and/or discussion groups about soil biology and compost making.