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Sudan Grass

Sudangrass X Sorghum 

  • Rapid early growth as a summer crop.

  • Produces high yields of good quality feed in a short time. 

  • Quick growth between planting and first grazing (35-45 days). 

  • Quick recovery after grazing or cutting.

  • Has fine stems and a high leaf-to-stem ratio.

  • High sugar content, excellent palatability and good feed value.

  • Can be grazed, or conserved as silage or hay.

  • Delayed flowering makes summer management of feed easier.

  • Drought-tolerant. 

  • Is a large seed that can germinate and establish under dry soil conditions when drilled into the moisture zone.

  • For best results drill into a fine, moist seedbed at 3-5 cm depth. 

  • Soil temperature at a depth of 5 cm needs to be at least 17ºC and increasing.

  • Grown in warm, growing environments only.

  • Reasonable weed control is essential for good establishment


  • Broadcast sowing is not recommended.

  • Need to monitor nitrate and prussic acid levels if in crops have been drought stressed or frosted. 

Management and Sowing
• Plant at 25-45 kg/ha higher rates crop will have thinner stems and higher yield potential.
• Breakfeed or cut at 35-45 days after planting when the crop is at least 1 m high. Leave a residual of 15 cm for maximum regrowth.
• Re-cut or graze after 4-5 weeks - when the crop is at least 0.8 m and less than 1.2m tall.