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Berseem Clover

Trifolium alexandrinum
Berseem clover is an erect annual with a short taproot; it can grow up to 750 mm with slender, hollow, branched stems and plain, trifoliate, slightly hairy leaflets. Pods contain 1-2 seeds oval-shaped yellow/red-brown seeds; 


  • Highly nutritive 

  • Free of oestrogen risks

  • Suited to seasonal irrigation

  • Great as a green cover crop

  • Mainly used with irrigation

  • Likes neutral soil pH 6-8

  • Moderately tolerant of water-logging 

  • Well suited to deep alluvial soils 

  • Some tolerance of salinity

  • Good heat tolerance

  • Suited to cutting for hay or silage.

  • quick regrowth 

  • Rotationally grazing when 15-20 cm tall; stimulates tillering  

  • Avoid overgrazing

  • Palatable - high feed value - high protein content

  • Low risk of bloat

  • Low risk of estrogen 


  • Normally a short-lived, that persists for 1–3 years in mixed pastures, but under favourable conditions without hard and continuous summer grazing, it may last up to 5-6 years. 

  • Some cultivars contain Phyto-oestrogens that can affect animal fertility plant breeding has made improvements in reducing oestrogen levels.