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Gland Clover

Trifolium glanduliferum
Erect or semi-erect, branched, self-regenerating annual pasture legume forms dense swards to about 40 or 50cm tall. Smooth and green hairless leaflets and stems with some reddening on the upper surface. Many-flowered heads, individual flowers are pinkish-white in colour initially and turn a deeper pinkish-mauve colour with maturity.


  • Susceptible to competition from more vigorous species during the establishment 

  • Need to restrict grazing during flowering 

1 to 2 Kg/ha in mixtures with other pasture legumes.


  • Grows in a range of soil types

  • Suited to low rainfall environments

  • Moderate tolerance of waterlogging.

  • Excellent regeneration

  • Easy to harvest for hay or silage.

  • Ease of seed production 

  • Hard seed so protected premature germination.

  • Compatible with other annual legumes in mixtures.

  • Low levels of coumarin in the plant.

  • Rainfall 350 - 600 mm annually with mostly autumn-winter-spring distribution and relatively little in summer.

  • Likes well-drained to slightly waterlogged soils with a range of soil textures, and soil conditions from pH 4.5 to 8.0. Not suited to poor, infertile sands.

  • Tolerant frosts to -4 or -5o C.

  • Used in mixed pasture grazing and hay.

  • Small seeds should be sown no more than 0.5 cm deep.