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Crimson Clover

Trifolium incarnatum

A native to most of Europe is a soft-seeded, deep-rooted annual clover, with upright growing habit and bright dark red elongated flower heads produced above the trifoliate leaves in mid to late spring. Its approximate has a 122-day life cycle during this time the plant can reach up to 60 cm in height. Its quick establishment and short life cycle make it ideal for short-term rotations. Sow seed in late summer to early autumn. The plant is dormant in winter, then quickly grows to a height of 1m in spring

  • Exceptional biomass with plant companion species

  • versatile  

  • Will grow as a summer annual in cool climates or as a winter annual in warmer areas. 

  • Grows well in most soils, including slightly acid ones so long as they are well-drained

  • Re-grows quickly after winter and provides an early spring forage legume

  • Used as fodder offers good-quality pasture, hay and silage

  • Has low or no bloat effect on ruminants

  • Deep roots penetrate the soil.

  • Early establishment and vigour can assist with weed control 

  • Great soil structure improver when worked into the soil

  • Beneficial insects like bees and ladybugs are attracted by the magnificent flowers

  • For reseeding avoid grazing or cutting during and post-flowering, October– November until the seed matures in early summer. 


  • Not tolerant of alkaline soils

  • Not tolerate drought 

  • Moderate tolerance of shaded conditions.

Can be sown in an all-legume mix or a mix with grass and herbs
Suggested usages
Either as single species or as part of a clover grass mixture. The seed should be sown coated with Group C Rhizobium for full Nitrogen fixation.
For pasture mixes it's essential to check if varieties pose fertility or bloating problems in grazing animals.