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Balansa Clover

Trifolium michelianum
a temperate legume that grows to over 80 cm tall but remains prostrate when grazed with hollow, hairless stems with three hairless trifoliate leaflets. Leaflets are generally plain green while others have white to silver, pink or purple markings, flowers in clusters head 2 - 3 cm in diameter, small white-pink flowers, self-seeding annual, 3-4 Seeds in a Pod which shatter easily on maturity. Used as a part of permanent pastures, or in hay mixtures or cover crops


  • Not suited to deep sandy soils

  • Intolerant of moderate to high soil salinity

  • Slow establishment if sown under cold conditions


  • Erect or semi-erect, much-branched plant

  • Grows in temperate climates

  • Annual rainfall of 350 - 800 mm

  • Early flowering varieties like lower rainfall, 

  • Later flowering varieties to higher rainfall areas,  

  • Grows successfully under irrigation

  • Produces a large number of seeds.

  • Grow in a range of soil types, preferring soils of moderate to high fertility 

  • Excellent waterlogging tolerance 

  • Thrives in a wide range of soil types and pHs - adapted to acid and alkaline soils (pH 5.4 - 9.0) and performs best where pH is below 8.3

  • Mild salinity tolerance

  • Self-seeds well on suitable soils under appropriate grazing management.

  • Good frost tolerance