Grain and seed Brokers' passion is to encourage the farmer to invest in the whole environmental picture by embracing the entire farming ecosystem and using natural resources; investing in the plants, animals, insects, microorganisms, and the soils. These five individual elements’ health is vitally important to the development and maintaining of sustainable farming practices and the economic viability of farm operations. We aim to enable farmers to make the most efficient use of nonrenewable resources and on-farm resources, integrating where appropriate the natural biological cycles and limitations.


Grain and Seed Brokers' focus on using natural biological cycles and controls to enhance:

  • soil nitrogen, phosphate levels

  • reduced leaching of elements

  • reduced erosion of soils

  • soil development and health

  • microorganisms health and their presence in the soil - the soil food web

  • insects attraction - bees butterflies and other wildlife 

Farming benefits from diversity.  

The use of multi-species crops adds benefits from diversity

  • a mixture of species planted simultaneously makes the best use of the benefits offered by each plant

  • specialist monoculture seed production replication crops can benefit if sequentially planted with different species as a break crop.

  • Keeping the soil covered reduces compaction layers and enhance aeration, therefore improving soil structure and condition. 


Interesting facts:

There are suggestions that microorganisms can help suppress plant disease, affect the secretion of plant growth hormones and enhance the development of the plants’ immunity system. It is not known the exact relationship between soil, bacteria, fungi and plants. Research suggests that monoculture crops (one plant species) have decreased immunity systems as well as depletion of soil health and structure. 


Bacteria benefit the growth of plants by fixing nutrients into the soil. Soil organisms such as fungi and bacteria benefit the soil, by providing an ideal environment to enhance plant growth, root penetration and carbon sequestration. The best way to aerate the subsoil is by the use of roots. Herbs like chicory, plantain, daikon radish, sheep's burnet, lucerne, penetrate the subsoil to a depth of 1 to 1.5 metres.

Sustainable farming is all about developing the natural biological cycles to enhance life for the farmer and society as a whole.

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