Asteraceae family 

Yarrow is a common relatively short perennial herb which produces one to several 8 to 40cm tall stems. The flowers are white or pinkish flowering in early summer to autumn.



  • plant the seeds no more than 0.5 cm deep; they require light for germination

  • germination temperature range is 18-25 degrees Celsius 

  • freely seeds

  • likes soil that is poorly developed and well-drained. 

  • has a fibrous underground horizontal root 

  • very drought tolerant 

  • accumulates nutrients - its deep roots mine the subsoil for potassium, calcium, and magnesium, phosphorus and copper, making it a nutrient-rich mulch

  • used in a mixed cover crop to build soil, mine minerals, break up compacted soil and attract beneficial insects


  • can become invasive

  • gets mildew or root rot if not planted in well-drained soil