Phleum pratense L.

Timothy is an important pasture species in many cool-temperate regions in New Zealand, this perennial grass has been used traditionally for mixed pasture in cool moist areas of the southern South Island.



  • very palatable and healthy grass for stock
  • grows well on heavy, wet, and peaty soils 
  • shallow root system with small bulb at the base which stores nutrients giving persistence in drought and heat periods
  • grows early in spring  
  • good production in the autumn
  • works well in mixes adds palatability, spring growth, animal health and winter-hardiness 
  • makes good hay



  • struggles in the heat and drought over summer
  • low uptake of minerals like potassium which can cause problems with animal health


Suggested sow rate: 5-6 kg/ha alone 2-3 kg/ha in mixtures