Japanese Millet

Japanese Millet

Slower  maturing than Hungarian Millet

an annual tall green forage grass which is grown principally as a forage grass



  • high tolerance of low soil fertility.

  • an excellent nitrogen scavenger, 

  • responds strongly to soil fertility -needs nitrogen for rapid growth

  • grows well in poorly to moderately drained soils 

  • grows on wetlands, germinates underwater,

  • is marginally drought tolerant once established 

  • performs best on soils with a pH of 5.5-6.5.

  • germination requires a soil temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius

  • useful as a smother crop - its fast growth and fibrous root system makes it an excellent smother

  • erosion protector

  • tolerates frequent cuttings for hay or silage. 



  • limited frost tolerance and will winterkill.

  • does not tolerate shade

  • Very dependant on temperature for growth