Herbal Deep-Rooted Seed Mix

Herbal Deep-Rooted Seed Mix

A Deep-Rooted Multispecies Pasture Seed Mix.

Medium Term 4-5 years.

Designed for Rotational Grazing.


Containing 11 different deep rooting pasture species


The Benefits of Multi-Species Pastures and Forage crops.


  • Multispecies encourages biological activity in the soil.
  • Multispecies increases plant photosynthesis.
  • Multispecies encourages more carbon transfer from the atmosphere into the soil.
  • Multispecies aids with animal health.
  • Deep-rooted plants improve drought tolerance.
  • Deep rooting plants pick up more minerals that can reduce the need for fertilizer applications.
  • Designed to improve soil health and structure.
  • Help prevent soil erosion.



Herbal Deep-Rooted Seed Mix includes the following quality seeds: Sowing rate 25-30kg/ha. 


Red clover, White clover (med-large leaf), Lucerne (Dormancy 4), Plantain, Chicory, Diploid Perennial Ryegrass, Forage Tall Fescue, Timothy, Cocksfoot, Prairie Grass (Matua), Meadow fescue ryegrass cross (Barrier).