Onobrychis viciifolia


Mountainview Variety

Revolutionary new Sainfoin from Canada


  • Dark green with multifoliate leaves.

  • Medium crown width and depth.

  • Very winter hardy in Western Canadian conditions.


  • Branched rooted.

  • Roots penetrate deeply and pull nutrients up from the subsoil. 

  • Sainfoin has been found to increase the sequestration of nutrients such as phosphate.

  • It is the ideal crop to sow ahead of cereals or brassicas in the rotation.


  • Excellent forage quality.

  • Persistent with multi cutting and grazing.

  • Rapid regrowth to keep up with lucerne.

  • Sainfoin tannins reduce the bloat when grazed with lucerne.


  • Suitable for hay and grazing

  • Specifically suited for mixed grazing with lucerne

  • Invaluable to pollinators, attracting bumble and honey bees.

  • Bees feeding on Sainfoin produce higher yields of honey.


  • About 10000 seeds per kg pre-husked.