Cocksfoot Warrior II

Cocksfoot Warrior II


Dactylis glomerata L.

  • persistent perennial grass

  • a productive, drought-tolerant grass

  • a valuable grass in drier situations 

  • requires moderate fertility 

  • light free-draining soils 

  • is endophyte-free

  • can be safely grazed during summer

  • earlier cocksfoot varieties used for conservation 

  • late types are excellent for grazing

  • in summer dry areas often used as a minor component in ryegrass/clover pasture mixes

  • is a good mix with perennial ryegrass phalaris and tall fescue 

  • Suggested sow rate: 6-10 kg/ha alone 2-5 kg/ha in mixtures


  • limited winter growth

  • older varieties can dominate pastures, reducing clover levels and digestibility