Fagopyrum esculentum


  • Cultivated for its grain-like seeds and as a cover crop
  • domesticated food plant raised in Asia.
  • Buckwheat is not wheat, as it is not a grass.



  • cover crop - green manure adds organic matter and valuable soil nutrients
  • a fast-growing, semi-succulent plant which suppresses weeds 
  • attracts beneficial insects and pollinators with its flowers
  • high pollen and nectar source - bees make strongly-flavoured, dark honey from buckwheat
  • produces nutritious triangular seeds. 
  • extracts soil phosphorus from soil return it to the soil in a more useable form
  • thrives in warm, moist conditions
  •  it is frost tender so easily killed as a cover crop or break crop
  • Can be planted between rows of grapes in vineyards or orchards




  • Not frost tolerant
  • Be careful when feeding to stock grain can cause a skin rash or hay can

    cause intestinal disturbances in livestock if consumed frequently or in large quantities