Brome Grass

Brome Grass

Bromus stamineus Desv

A special-purpose grass for well-drained, fertile, high pH soils.

closely related to prairie grass



  • Is a very stock palatable grass
  • best on medium to light soils  
  • produces a high-quality persistent pasture with strong winter growth 
  • drought tolerance. 
  • useful as a special-purpose pasture for quality winter and summer feed on free-draining, less fertile soils 
  •  mixes well with clovers.



  • planted further inland in NZ the low winter temperatures reduce its cool-season advantage
  • requires close, frequent grazing
  • does not persist in wet situations 
  • best sown when the soil temperature is at 10C or above.
  • Suggested sow rate: 25-30 kg/ha alone