Bio-Smart - Biologically Enhanced Seed Treatment

Bio-Smart - Biologically Enhanced Seed Treatment

Why use Bio-Smart - Biologically Enhanced Seed Treatment:

  • Improve germination of seed.
  • Improve seedling growth.

  • Improve soil microbe levels.

  • Increase early and overall growth throughout the life of the plant.

  • Reduce the need for Synthetic fertilisers.

  • Reduce seedling disease.

  • Produce strong healthy seedlings less vulnerable  to insect pressure.

  • To increase soil microbial activity.

We use:

  • No artificial colourant and no plastic based polymers.

  • Give seed the best natural start possible.


Be Bio-Smart with sowing seed that regenerates the soil.


Be Bio-Smart about seed, add biology to enhance growth.


Contact us for the selection of biological products we have available.



Do not use synthetic fertilisers or agricultural chemicals with Bio-Smart - Seed Treatment as these will kill the living beneficial organisms in the Bio-Smart - Seed Treatment.