Alsike Clover

Alsike Clover

Trifolium hybridum


Alsike clover is a semi-erect biennial or short-lived perennial. Grows from a crown that produces many prostrate stems up to 1 m in length and a height 30-60 cm. Flowers are dense clusters on the ends of secondary branches from the main stem; globe-shaped pale pink/white, fade to brown in colour and 2.5 cm diameter. 1-3 seeds per pods ~1.5 million/kg 



  • high nutritive value
  • productive in cool temperate areas late in the season where it's too dry to sustain white clover 
  • like full sunlight
  • tolerant of poor drainage will grow on peaty soil
  • grows in an area of 500mm rainfall
  • grows in a broad pH range of acidity/alkalinity 
  • tolerates low fertility areas
  • free of oestrogen risks.



  • low production in winter
  • low shade tolerance
  • can cause, photosensitization and big liver syndrome in horses and sometimes in cattle. 
  • potential for nitrate poisoning


 Mix suggestions

Grasses:  phalaris, tall fescue, perennial ryegrass